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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

Si Manis Jembatan Ancol Ghost

Ancol bridge, formerly a rocking bridge, located in North Jakarta. This bridge is more 'popular' than any other bridge bigger and better in Jakarta. This was not due to the unique shape or size of building this bridge, but the story behind this bridge.
Around the 19th-century ago, when Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch colonial.There lived a mother who nyai Tampar who has a beautiful daughter named ariah or known by the name Mariam. Mother and son live at home wealthy merchant named Albert Sumo to be a slave in Albert Sumo house. Albert is a Dutch officials living in Jakarta or formerly known as Batavia. Albert was awomanizer, and has about 15 concubines.
When Mary was 16 years, their employers Albert Sumo want Mariam to become the next Albert concubine. Knowing the employer's desire, Nyai Slap Mariam told to run away from home employer. Slap Nyai not let her become mistress satisfying her lustmajikannya.Mariam approve the request. Later, Mariam fled up the house Albert Betenghigh. After a successful exit from the house Albert, Mary continued to run to find a safehiding place for himself.
In different places, Oie mahasa a wealthy merchant who has a villa in the Star Diamond, now called Ancol, hear minggatnya Mariam from Albert's house. Oie Mahasa also the same with Albert, both are equally philanderer. Oie mahasa ordered two guards to capture Mariam and took him to serve as concubines.
Mariam ran non-stop around the lake Sunter. After learning he was being chased by guards OIE Mahasa Mariam speed of his feet to find a safe place to hide. But eventually caught by two guards Oie mahasa. Mariam tried to wriggle and fight the two guards are Oie Mahasa. But his strength is not comparable, Mariam pinsan. Seeing the beauty of Mary, the two guards are not abstinence lust. They both raped Mariam Mariam until the last breath. Both guards were frightened to see Mariam's death, they finally decided to dispose of the bodies Mariam in rice fields are sekitar100 meters from the Ancol bridge.
Since the incident, the people who passed by that area often claimed to see apparitions figure of a beautiful girl with long hair. In addition, residents around the Ancol bridge to believe that accidents often occur due to the emergence of a disturbing ghost Mariam.Most involved in the accident at the site are male, because, according to Mariam's story is very hated by men - men.
In the eyes of members of the Board of Experts this Betawi Cultural Institution, Ariah is a hero for defending his honor as a woman. Similar figures he found in himself Nyai Dasima who were massacred near the Bridge Pejambon in 1821.