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Senin, 21 November 2011

the inferred from the title “ A Handful of Dates”

I can inferred from the title “ A Handful of Dates” that the story taken place in middle eastern countries like Arabic, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lybian, Marocco, and the other countries that has desert areas and hot temperatures because this condition make a Date Trees can growing faster and fertile. I can also inferred that the participant from the story are middle eastern countries and use cloak for their clothes. The religioun is moslem. 
After I read the story I also can inferred that the story tell about a young whose looks up to his grandfather as a God. One day, their neighbor “ masood” told them that he was harvesting the dates and ask them to help. The grandfather said that he and Masood did’nt like each other. The grandfather sid that because Masood had treated him badly. So, the grandfather and a young boy went to harvest dates. They sat on a stool when Masood harvested the dates. Masood told to everyone to be careful not to cut the heart of the palm. Once of dates had been harvested, grandfather and the others went over towards the dates. The grandfather gave some of the dates. The grandfather and the other sepearted the dates and left none for Masood. Then, the grandfather said that Masood was till in dept to him
After this, the young boy rab off because he know had a felling of hate towards his grandfather. He was mad at the way he had treated Masood. He ran right river and threw up all the dates he had just eaten into the river.